The Sundresses are rock and roll from Cincinnati, OH, USA. They are loud. They’ve played everywhere. They are like The Rolling Stones if the Rolling Stones were from Kentucky and addicted to meth. They’ve played with a shit ton of bands that went on to become famous, and others who already were. They won the album of the year Cincinnati Entertainment Award in 2008 for Barkinghaus and were most recently nominated for that award again in 2016 for their latest, This Machine Kills. They make the people dance and drink. They once inspired a couple to have sex right there in front of everyone while they played at The Green Lantern in Lexington, KY. True. They’re a real good band. What else is there to say?

BAND MEMBERS: Makenzie Place (bass guitar), Brad Schnittger (drums, guitar, vocals), and J.Remy Springer (guitar, drums, vocals), Dave Ried (drums)


New Album: This Machine Kills…

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FORKSTER Few Words on The Sundresses:
The Sundresses are a smashing, diverse rock n’ roll band that hail out of the U.S.A. These midwestern stateside rockers bring a music energy that is ‘swarming and warming’ with wailing rock edge, kicking bluesy sways and ‘pumping and thumping’ out country/rockabilly/alternative and indie rock genre marks. It was an absolutely honest and grooving rock n’ roll and the overall musicianship efforts are nothing less than sensational. Their new 12-track album entitled ‘This Machine Kills’ releases on 5th of September. From ‘top to bottom’ the LP ‘unquestionably’ holds it own and thoroughly ‘rocks it out’ and should be a top score appreciation from diversified rock and roll fans worldwide, ‘ace potential’.

Written by: Timothy John Forker – aka – FORKSTER


Since the Blues was born, there have always been tons of musical acts that use the Blues as a jump-off point and try to make their own sound. It takes a truly gifted and creative group of musicians to actually do so and make music that never reminds the listener of any of those other bands tinkering with the original blueprint. The Sundresses use the same tools and ideas other musicians have worked with for generations, yet somehow they’ve been able to concoct a singular, defining sound. It’s a feat that is incredibly difficult to pull off, but This Machine Kills proves — over and over again — that it is possible. And, perhaps most impressively, The Sundresses make it all sound natural and effortless.  ~MIKE BREEN, CityBeat


  • “Boozy, shambling and often sexy strut….more addictive than crack cocaine” -Mike Breen, Citybeat
  • “Demented, electric shock therapy garage punk that rings with angular old-style rockabilly guitar riffs. Sounds like the Rolling Stones if they had come from Kentucky and were addicted to meth” Cleveland.com SXSW 2006
  • Music that makes you want to get up and dance. It made me think of why the term “Rock and Roll” was coined.” Motor City Blog
  • “Gut bucket syncopation, bluesy swagger, all couched in a saturated late night mood” -David Lynch, Austin Chronicle
  • “…a three-piece who re-invigorate the stagnant art of great guitar music in thrilling new ways….For far too long, the sweet sound of the six-string has been misappropriated by charlatans whose intentions and abilities fail to do it justice….The Sundresses are here to reverse this downward trend. Combining punk, blues, rockabilly, dark country flavours and 1930’s swing, with a hefty dose of acerbically arch, politicised lyricism, they don’t do what everyone else does, and that’s what makes them great….These genii represent the rebirth of the Great American Band.”www.phonovault.com/?p=1021  –The Phono Vault Blog

Press from Bunbury Music Festival 7/14/12

  • “Favorite act on Saturday was The Sundresses, who killed it to a crowd full of dancing people at the AliveOne stage. If you’re into Jack White’s Third Man label, you need to check out The Sundresses. ASAP. You can actually hear the smoke and whiskey in the rumbling bass and beats.” http://thisisthelonelyhouse.com/tag/the-sundresses/ –The Lonely House.


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